Production Process

System management with each stage based on 3D design.
Front Lapping for high gloss surface product / transparent product / Normal Lapping graining product / normal product / running in-house Lapping room

No Process Main S/W or Equipment note
1 CAD/CAE UG NX Full 3D Mold Design
AMI/AMA Simulation of plastic injection
2 CAM Tool Path Control of optimized tool for processing
Machining simulation Minimize defect by simulation
3 CNC Maching Center Machining mold (precise mold process)
EDM Machining mold (precise mold process)
Wire Cutting Machining the parts which is hard to process such as Up/down hole
4 Measurment 3D Measurment Measuring
5 Lapping Manual handwork 유도성 향상과 외관면 조도 향상을 위해 사포 등을 이용한 연마
6 Assembly DIE-STOTTING PRESS 금형 상하의 형합면을 맞춤
7 TRY Injection machine 제품의 형상을 확인하기 위해 시험 사출